Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sassy Satin Sashes

This weekend I am off to Vegas for one of my close friends Bachelorette parties, yey! I am in the wedding which is in May.  The other bridesmaids and I wanted to do lots of special things for the bride this weekend and I knew it was a perfect opportunity to use my craft skills to whip up some fun stuff!!

A bachelorette party isnt complete without sashes pointing out who everyone is, but the ones they sell in the store first of all are huge (my own was literally falling off me my entire bach party) and they are just pretty standard.  I figured I could buy some fabric, do a little fabric painting and whip up some pretty awesome custom ones.

I am really happy with how they came out, I hope the bride is too!  Now you could make these sashes for so many things other then a bachelorette party like - halloween costumes, birthday party, mother-to-be for a baby shower, or princess for a day for a little girl would be super cute!!

Heres how I did it

I went to Joannes and picked out some fun fabric, I used a satin type fabric which was about $7.99 a yard.  I bought 2 yards of each color which is what I needed to make sashes the right length for an adult, if your making this for a child you can adjust the measurments.  But for each 2 yard peice I could make 4 sashes, 8 sashes in all, so it was worth it.

I cut my fabric 10 inches wide by 70 inches long.  Out of each color I was able to get 4 strips of the fabric for 4 sashes.
Then I folded my fabric in half length wise with right sides togather and pinned, you will want to pin a ton if you have a satin like fabric because it moves around a lot while you are sewing.
Next I put a straight stitch all the way down the length of the fabric to make it look something like this:

I then pressed out my seams:

Turned the fabric right side out and pressed again so that the seam was running down the middle of the fabric (you dont want it on the side)
The last step in sewing is to sew the ends togather to finish the sash.  With right sides togather (the front of the sash) pin the two ends togather and sew a straight stitch across.  For this step I actually did a triple stitch to give it a little extra security.

I also pinking sheared the ends to prevent fraying, which with this kind of fabric is always a problem.

For the lettering I used the awesome freezer paper stenciling method.  So I cut out my stencils on my Silhouette cutter and ironed them onto my fabric:

Since the sash was so long I had to peice togather the stencil to make it the length I wanted to be.  The wording in total ended up being 23 inches long and the sash was 33 inches long.

I applied 1 light coat of Tulip fabric paint and let it dry for about 4 hours.  Then with tulip fabric glue and glitter I applied a light coat of glue over the paint and sprinkled a generous amount of glitter.

I let the glue/glitter combo dry overnight to be super safe and then verrrry carefully peeled off the freezer paper
Yes, you will get glitter everywhere, be prepared!

I will be sure to post a pic of them in action this weekend when we get back from Vegas!

  • 2 yard of satin fabric (for adult sized sashes)
  • Sewing machine, thread, pins
  • Tulip fabric paint
  • Tulip fabric glue
  • Tulip fabric glitter
  • Scissors & Pinking Shears
  • Freezer paper
  • Cricut, Silhouette Machine or X-Acto Knife and lots of patience :)
Steps - Sewing:
  1. Cut fabric out in strips that measure 10 inchs wide by 70 inches long.
  2. Fold fabric in half lengthwise and pin.
  3. Straight stich down the side of the fabric with a .5inch seam allowance.
  4. Press out seam.
  5. Turn right side out and press again making seam run down the middle of the fabric.
  6. Pin end of fabric togather, with right sides facing.
  7. Sew across width of fabric with 1 inch seam allowance.
  8. Pinking shear ends to prevent fraying.
Steps - Freezer Paper Painting:
  1. Cut out words/shapes etc on your Cricut, Silhouette or using an exacto knife on freezer paper, with shiny side facing down.
  2. Iron carefully onto sashes, with shiny side facing down.
  3. Using a foam brush and fabric paint give 1 light coat to the negative space.
  4. Let dry 4 hours.
  5. Take fabric glue and apply a small amount to negative space, over the paint.
  6. Sprinkle a generous amount of glitter over glue.
  7. Allow to dry overnight.
  8. Gently peel away freezer paper leaving just the glittery letters.
As promised here is a picture of them in action:


  1. These look great! :) I love the glitter detail! Nice work!

  2. WOW I would have never thought to make something like this but I love the end result much more than the ones sold in stores. Great job!


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