Thursday, April 7, 2011

Party People T-Shirts

My last post was about Bride & Bridesmaid Sashes that I made for a friend's bachelorette party.  I also was tasked with making t-shirts for everyone as well.  Yes I could have ordered some Bride and BM t-shirts online and made my life easier but NOPE I really wanted them to be custom for Shelly's bach.  Having 4 custom t-shirts made up would have been $30 a pop, I knew there had to be a way to do this cheaper considering blank t-shirts at Michaels are like $2.99!

I actually think they turned out AWESOME - but lets see what you all think :)

Front of the Shirt

Back of the Shirt
We even got stopped in Vegas and asked where we bought them.  When the bride told the girl that I made them she was in SHOCK.  Yey!!

To make them I used the freezer paper stenciling method that I have blogged about here and here so not to bore you with all those details again I am just going to go over some quick tips and materials you would need to make these specific shirts.

  • 4 (or however many you need) t-shirts from Michael's/Joannes/etc
  • Tulip Fabric Paint in Black, White, Pink & Green (black for writing, white for martini glass, pink for hearts and green for olive)
  • Tulip Fabric Glue
  • Tulip fabric glitter in Silver, Pink & Green (Silver for martini glass, pink for hearts and green for olive)
  • Silhouette or Cricut cutting machine
  • Freezer paper
  • Iron & Ironing Board
  1. This was a HUGE project because of so much writing and the graphics allow yourself enough time to do it if your making this for a specific event.
  2. For the items your going to glitter you don't "have" to do a coat of paint 1st but I would recommend it because it makes it pop a bit more and if for some reason the glitter does rub off you will still have the design there.
  3. Don't forget when your cutting out your letters that you need to save the "insides" of letters like "O", "R" etc etc, and this also depends on your font.
  4. The martini glass image I purchased from the Silhouette online store in case your curious.
  5. Measure your shirts to determine what size you would like the writing and images to be before you cut, you can even print things out to scale on a printer and lay it on the shirt to get an idea if it works.
  6. The customization options are endless so play around with it!


  1. Super cute shirts!! Love the back!!!

  2. Great job! They look awesome!


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