Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Crayon Roll for a Cute Cousin

This week I was sending a baby blanket to one of my cousins who just had a baby boy. But I couldn't leave his big sis empty handed! I had seen this great tutorial for a crayon roll on Prudent Baby and thought that would be the perfect thing for his big sis (she is about 3). Paired with a little coloring book and its suuuuper cute.  I really hope she loves it!

Wanna know how to make one for your own cute cousin/niece/nephew/anyone?
I followed the tutorial pretty closely but I will try to reenact it here.
First you need to cut 3 pieces of fabric and one piece of interfacing to 18"x6".  I chose to use the same fabric for the outside and the crayon pocket part because I loved it so much, but you could switch it up if you wanted to.
Then iron your interfacing to the wrong side of your outside piece of fabric according to the interfacing instructions.
Now you're going to want to fold your crayon roll pocket fabric in half and stitch it to your lining fabric with the crayon pockets about 1" apart, remembering to leave some room for your seam allowances on the sides - this is easier show in pics:

So your first sew line will be about 1.5 inches from the start of the fabric and the last one will be about 1.5 inches from the end of the fabric.  Once you've sewn those crayon pockets (there should be approximately 16) you want to work on the ribbon which you will use to tie the crayon roll.  Cut a ribbon (satin, grosgrain doesn't matter whatever you like best) about 20 inches long (you can always trim in at the end if its too long) and sew it to the right side of your lining in the middle. I kiiiinda forgot to take a pic of this but it will look a bit like this:

Then pin your lining piece to your outside fabric piece with right sides together, stitch all around with a 1/4 inch seam allowance leaving about a 3" turning hole, be sure to back stitch at the beginning and end of the turning hole. Once you turn it right side out it will look like this:

Press out your corners with your fingers, then using your iron press your seams.  Next you want to top stitch all the way around the crayon roll, this will make it look nice and finished and also close up your turning hole.
Stuff with crayons and now you're done!  Isn't she pretty??

Here are the Materials you will need:
  • Sewing machine
  • 18" x 6" piece of interfacing
  • 3 separate pieces of fabric
  • 20" inch ribbon
  • Crayons
  • Coloring Book (optional but it makes a great addition to the gift!)
And a nice short version of the instructions
  1. Prewash all your materials - including the interfacing and ribbon.
  2. Iron your fabrics.
  3. Cut 3 pieces of fabric and 1 piece of interfacing in 18" x 6" rectangles.
  4. Iron your interfacing to your outside fabric according to interfacing instructions.
  5. Fold your fabric for the crayon pocket in half.
  6. Pin your crayon pocket fabric to your lining fabric and sew straight lines through to create pockets for the crayons about 1" apart.  Only sew up to the lining fabric though.  See pics above! Remember to leave about .5 inches on each side for your seam allowances.
  7. Sew your ribbon, which is folded in half, to the right side of your crayon roll in the middle.
  8. Pin your lining fabric to your outer fabric right sides facing and stitch all around leaving a 3" hole for turning, be sure to backstitch at the beginning and end.
  9. Turn fabric right side out and press your seams with an iron.
  10. Top stitch around your whole crayon roll which will close the turning hole.
  11. Stuff with crayons and pair with a coloring book for gifting.
Here are a few more fun pics!

Wondering how I did that "M" on the crayon roll? I will post about that soon! Its a little freezer paper stenciling trick :)

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  1. Hi crafty friend! I am loving your blog and all your fun posts. I think I need to try the chocolate molten lava cakes the next time we have a dinner party (and J's mom would LOVE them!). Now to watch the mail for the Bed Bath and Beyond coupon for custard dishes... Miss you!

  2. So cute! I've been meaning to make one of these for ages... I got as far as buying the crayons!

  3. Very cute! My sister and I were just talking about these today. Thanks so much for linking up to my Catch a Glimpse party! :)

  4. Those are too cute! I never knew they were that easy to make. Thanks for joining the party!


  5. I love these. Very useful.


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