Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hellooooo Blogosphere!

Hey Everyone!

Thanks for visiting my blog! This is my FIRST entry. So I am going to use it as a little introduction of myself and a blog mission statement if you will...I REALLY enjoy reading any type of crafty, DIY, baking, cooking or decorating blog. I have gotten oodles and oodles of inspiration, there are just so many talented people out there, its incredible, so shout out to all you awesome bloggers.

However, as much as I love fun DIY/Craft/Etc blogs my real blog obsession started almost 2 years ago when I was starting to plan my wedding. I was looking for ways to put WOW factor into the wedding at small price tags and discovered tons of amazing DIY wedding projects around. While I don't intend for this to be a wedding blog I know some of the projects will pop up here and there because I poured my heart and sole into them for 18 months, and I have to say some of them are damn good. Also a few of them I am able to use post wedding, so as a result I don't see why not feature them here. But mainly my goal these days is to outfit our little 3 bedroom apartment with thrifty and unique items that don't look too DIY - gotta keep it classy at all times of course.

My latest obsession is re-doing furniture. LOVE it. It takes a lot of patience and a little painting skills but the results are amazing. Luckily for me I had a couple pieces I really didn't like anymore that I bought just post college so I am able to make those over. I am also scouring craigslist and the salvation army family store for some fun new (actually old) pieces to re-do. But don't worry its not all about thrifty purchases and getting your hands dirty, I will also fill you in on things we actually buy new, baking I do, quick weeknight meals and who knows what other fun stuff! I have done quite a few DIY things since moving into our place in Austin a month and a half ago so I am going to start by posting those projects and then move on to new ones. Austin you ask? Well yes me and the husband (and amazing dog) just moved down here from D.C. so its a brand new place, brand new city and brand new friends. So far we are loving it!

Mostly I am thinking this is a great way to keep track of all the fun stuff I (we) have done to make this place awesome and to show it off to our friends and family who are far away and not here to see it (Hi Mom!).

So ready, set, here I go! The first "real" post may be coming up later today. So stay tuned!

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  1. Welcome to blogging! Looks like you are going to have a fun blog and I am glad to say I am your newest follower! Be sure to check out the Newbie Link Party here-- http://debbie-debbiedoos.blogspot.com/2011/02/newbie-partyand-bachlorette-party.html. It's a great way to get your blog out there and find other great newbie bloggers like us! Great "meeting" you!


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